BuzzHub: 3rd sector

Reaching young people who have issues or who are at risk is one of the most challenging tasks facing the youth charity infobuzz.

Gone are the days of street outreach workers; the costs are just too high. However there is one thing on the street that the vast majority of young people have on them at all times; a smartphone.

So raw and infobuzz developed a 21stC outreach tool; buzzhub.

This breakthrough web application provides instant advice, information and confidential counselling to young people on a range of topics; drugs, alcohol, homelessness or those facing, or dealing with, their carer in prison.

raw developed the new branding, the graphics and designed and built the app. 

Behind the information portal sits a secure, confidential 1-2-1 real time counselling service accessed through the app.

The aim is to educate and engage young people and it has done its job admirably.

After a year of buzzhub being operational Gloucester Police approached infobuzz to use the buzzhub app as a major part of their Angel Task Force operation. ATF was set up to tackle the problem of organised gangs; working with raw the gang section of the app was developed and rolled out across Gloucester.

In 2014 buzzhub was declared European Best Practise when working with Gangs.

We developed buzzhub as a white label product and other organisations are poised to adopt it.

‘Amidst our diverse work was our interventions with vulnerable young people, we were acutely aware that we needed to find a way to connect with them through a medium they were familiar with using language and technology they understood. 
With raw’s help we built a bespoke mobile adapted website that provided a range of levels of communication with young people. 

Outstanding. 21st Century outreach!’

Tony  France, CEO Infobuzz