Nelson Trust Brand: 3rd sector

The Nelson Trust is a charity that has a national and international reputation as a centre of excellence in the treatment of addiction. 

Founded in 1985 it had grown organically as a brand and needed to focus itself. This required a subtle rebranding of the main brand (Nelson Trust) and the creation of sub-brands that sat within the main brand look and feel.

So, in addition to a revaluations and refresh of the main brand, there was a need to produce coherent sub-brand IDs that all worked alongside each other.

Nelson Trust had embarked on an expansion from the core offering of residential rehabilitation into a Ministry of Justice sponsored female unit, ISIS.
ISIS provides a range of support services to women who have been involved in the criminal justice system and tackles the root cause their problems.

In tandem Family Focus was created as in an integrated substance misuse service designed to address family issues and improve the lives of all family members.

The other consideration was future proofing the designs to allow creation of new services. The Hub, a contact and information point for recovering addicts, was the next step for Nelson Trust.

Once the basic brand architectures were established an ID was produced across all 4 services to allow autonomy or coherence where needed.