InfoBuzz Web & Print: 3rd sector

Once infobuzz branding was created we had to implement it on and offline.

The infobuzz website is a new business, and repeat business, tool as well as an information portal and had to encompass a huge range of products and services across the brands. 

Due to the huge and diverse number of services the IA was very challenging to get as simple as it finally appeared to enable easy navigation.

With the creation of a new look and feel utilising graphics, originally created for the buzzhub web app but expanded to encompass all areas, we built infobuzz a simple and powerful web presence that's relevant to the wide range of audiences; from the young audience of potential service users to educators, professionals and commissioners; have a look here 

The new branding and graphics then rippled out across all audience touch points; it forms the basis for all training manuals, exhibition boards, printed literature and posters.

The new 'infobuzz wall' we created and shot has become an image that now plays a big role in the infobuzz offices and in their mobile conference material.