Infobuzz Brand: 3rd sector

infobuzz is a charity that provides services to improve the outcomes for vulnerable children, young people, and their families through a range of discrete programmes.

These programmes include mentoring, support for substance misuse, personal development courses, drugs education, therapeutic programmes and criminal justice interventions.

Founded in 2000 the organisation has been very successful. However it had grown organically and was ready to enter a new phase of development with the planned launch of a number of new services.

We were asked to created a simple, bold ID that could embrace the current masterbrand (infobuzz) and the family of sub-brands that emerged through creation or acquisition.

It was imperative that the family of services had visual coherence to ensure brand recognition amongst commissioners and opinion formers.

The brief included service naming, logo design and ID creation for;

'infobuzz' main provider of multiple services to vulnerable children, young people and families

'headspace' a training and support service for schools and professional organisations

'castlegate' a programme of criminal justice related services

'buzzhub' a smartphone based outreach programme

'buzzbeat' a recording studio and web based radio station for young people and

'safespace' a  trafficking and grooming service providing intervention and support for women and children.

‘As a small charity it’s really difficult to know what you need sometimes, raw helped me and the rest of the organisation think through this from the conceptual to the public facing imagery.

Having spent time together with Rodger getting to know what we do and how we go about our business, he and his team quickly came up with some choices around core branding for us.

We provide very specific services in different sectors, each of which really needed its own identity, with the core branding already produced by raw they were quickly able to produce a suite of sub-brands for us that really sat together well and presented a truly professional image.'

Tony France, CEO Infobuzz