This is a selection work produced by an agency I co-founded called Oomph.

Cotswold Outdoor was an interesting client; they had a brand which was not defined with any real clarity to any of the outdoor market sector. In fact their core base, hardcore outdoor types, mountain climbers etc. were proving to be difficult to reconcile with their new, mass market, aspirations.

We created a strong core brand and look and feel and then communicated to the various audience sectors through their own media; the only media not utilised in this plan was TV.

Where a sector saw work aimed at someone else it did not have a detrimental effect, in fact the hardcore sector underpinned the credentials for the mass market audience.

Insight was a research company strongly focussed on the drug and medical sector. This was an architecture job manifested in a website that broke all the sector rules (they are a notoriously conservative bunch).

Based in an essential truth i.e. 'The truth is not always on the surface', we were able to present this rather dry sector with life and humour. Their clients, the big pharmaceutical companies, loved it.

WRVS (Women's Royal Voluntary Service) needed a radical brand overhaul to bring it up to date. This charity, founded in World War 2, provides essential services for older people; they are, in effect, the social safely net for many communities. 

Talking Numbers was a data analysis outfit. I just loved the headline.

Charts Now was a phone based music download product.