Retail Gurus Brand & Web

Retail Gurus is a newly created B2B brand operating in the retail sector, providing specialist advice and products to independent retailers.

This was a ground up job for us; naming, brand architecture, logo design, ID design, web design and build.


“My vision was to launch a website that aimed to support small businesses through a blog / articles / forum.

Having worked in this marketplace for 15 years I genuinely felt that there was a space in the market for a site that sought to help people with the their issues as well as to try and sell them something. 

There are plenty of people using adwords to attract customers but we hoped our plan to produce a site full of relevant content might be a more effective way of attracting site visitors.

We needed a brand that had credibility and integrity to achieve that.

Not only did we want to attract individual retailers but we also wanted to attract potential larger 'site contributors'. 

These organisations could refer their customers to the site in return for being given exposure to other retailers that weren't their customers.

Rodger took us through a process that delivered a brand identity document that we still refer back to now 2 years on. If we want to know whether something is right for the site, we just read the document again and it always delivers a clear answer. Is the idea aligned with the original brand identity or not? If not it doesn't go ahead. 

Rodger is one of those rare people who has an efficiency of thought and economy of words that's very useful and unusual.

It's worked fantastically for us.”

Rhodri Moore
Managing Director

Retail Gurus Ltd
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