Hiscox is an international specialist insurer, underwriting a diverse range of personal and commercial insurance risks. 

The brief was to design and deliver a Hiscox Brand Book that would inspire and inform the expanding Hiscox global community.

The book had to distil the values and ethos of Hiscox, embody the principles of the founder, Robert Hiscox, define the brand’s role and give clarity as to the standards expected of Hiscox employees

The audience is Hiscox employees worldwide, from interns to senior leaders, Hiscox brokers and clients and those that wish to work for Hiscox around the world.

This is not a planning document, or a chapter and verse brand architecture manual; boiled down this was ‘get the soul of Hiscox on paper’.

This job expanded to include a major revision of the brand architecture which we did working alongside the Hiscox Marketing team.

This was a cradle to grave project; raw conceived, designed, photographed, illustrated, wrote and produced the book.

"Rodger gets right to the heart of the brand and brings it alive through stunning creativity.

His work on the Hiscox Brand book brought the brand, the company and our values alive from the West coast of America through to the Far East.

Rodger's ability to interrogate the brand through perceptive interview techniques and then bring it alive through brilliant creativity was simply outstanding.

Word class work from a world class creative mind."

Steve Langan, CEO Hiscox Insurance